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    best to use flex for this project?




      I have very basic experience developing in flash cs4 but am new to flex. I would like to know if flex (as opposed to flash) would be better suited to achieve the following :


      -A website with 12 sections ("pages") that are accessed through one navigation sidebar. Each section consists mainly of text but the transition from one to another will be animated.


      -The text content must be easy to update by a third party.


      The second requirement is the one that is bothering me. With my limited knowledge I would approach this by constructing the entire thing in Flash and containing the textual content in external files. However I don't think this would be very elegant for a third person to update. They would have to open it in a text/xml editor?


      So in Flex, would we talking about building not only the interface as described above, but also a CMS interface for a third party to use? Or is this overkill?


      I hope my explanation is clear, any advice would be much appreciated



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          Ratsnackbar Level 2

          There are several options for the solution.  If you already have experience with ColdFusion, PHP, Ruby, .NET or Java, you could store the page data in a database and call it up for the page.  At that point you can use a login for an administrator.  Once logged in change the view to one where the same pages normally viewed as static are loaded into a rich text editor which saves back to your datasource.  Alternalty you could do the same with simple XML files to store the data.


          Either way, as this relates to Data Retrieval and Manipulation, I would suggest Flex over Flash as overall it's (in my view) simply easier to build.