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    CSS backgroundImage and borderSkin conflict with ClassReference


      I've spent several hours trying to figure this out.  I have a programmatic skin that paints a gradient and sets it as a backgroundImage ClassReference in css.  In that same stylesheet declaration I set the borderSkin to a ClassReference of a class that extends border and draws a line.  A canvas is referencing the declaration.  I'm confused because if I only use the background image style it draws the gradient.  If I add the border skin style, it won't draw the gradient but draws the lines in the border skin.  The interesting part is if I set breakpoints, I never even hit the breakpoint in the updateDisplayList method for my background image class, only the border class, so all I ever get is a line.  Does the borderskin in css override other skins like backgroundImage?  Are there documents that explain this somewhere on adobe's site?