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    Batch export? Please help

    krumlin Level 1

      I'm on a Mac and I need to create WMVs from After Effects.  Unlike PCs there is no option in "make movie" for WMVs.  It looks like Flip4Mac will allow you to export WMVs in After Effects BUT only through "File>Export".  The problem is I have to export tons of these ONE BY ONE, since I can't find a way to make a queue or batch through file>export.  Is there any way I can export all of these video files in a queue, cause exporting one by one is not an option.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          How does "Get a PC!" sound? Sarcasm aside, I don't think you will have any luck with this in AE on a Mac. You are really combining two fundamentally dangerous things here and, since you do not have the "native platform" to check and verify your files, may be flying blind when you hand them over to clients. Perhaps some alternative conversion tool on Mac can do it, but it's really highly experimental in my view. If it's an option, render Quicktime files and convert the stuff on a PC, either on a friend's machine or your own one. Perhaps you can find a way to run Windows on your Mac via Bootcamp, assuming you can get a Win XP, Vista or Windows 7 install disk? If the budget allows, you might even consider buying a cheap 300 Euro PC.... In any case, with some way to get access to a PC, pretty much all your problems will disappear - even simple, free conversion tools can then be used.