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    Custom AS2 Component won't animate. please help.




      I just created my first custom component. It is written with AS2, It extends the UIComponent as suggested in the Flash documentation. I have my component working more or less the way I need it to but I have two issues that I need help with:


      1. when I animate my finished component it does not move. Do I need to call some other function to redraw it? I can see it move inside Flash but when testing or exporting it does not move when I try to animate it.


      2. i tried to get my component to create a reflection effect but I can't get my alpha mask to work. I tried the following methods to set my mask. using setMask in code either at the movieclip level or in code, creating a manual mask using the layers, setting different blend modes i.e. alpha mode for mask, layer mode for maskee. Also in all instances both clips have cacheAsBitmap enabled.


      If any one can shed some light on these issues, I would really appreciate it.


      Thanks - FP