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    RBH8 Incomplete Webhelp Merge (TOC only)


      Thank you in advance for any help.


      I am testing the trial version of Robohelp 8 and Server 8 to see if my company wants to buy it.  I've also loaded the recent RBH8 updates (801).


      I have taken two projects and converted them from RBH6 to RBH8.  Now I want to publish and have them merge from the publisher side.


      I have take the following steps:

      1) Went to Table of Contents in the publisher for the parent project.

      2) Clicked the icon to add a merged project.

      3) Browsed and selected the XPJ file for the project to be merged and clicked ok.

      4) Gernerated project and published.


      Now, when I view the parent project from the server, I only see the merged projects under Contents.  However, the Index did not merge and search does not show any results from the child project.


      I've contacted the support and said that it sounds like I setup the merge correcly and that it was likely a programming issue. They wouldn't escalate because we are using the trial version even though we have purchased a silver support agreement with them.


      Please let me know if you have any information that could help.