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    How to Have Outline Sketch on Layer A and Color on Layer B?




      I'm trying to do a little comic comedy type video in Flash. I've done an outline sketch with the pen tool of my first character, now I want to color it BUT I want to keep the colors and the outline sketch separated on two different layers. Is there a way I can select the path (outline) on layer A and then colorize it with the bucket tool on layer B? The problem I'm having is that every object I select it automatically jumps to that corresponding layer.


      One reason why I want to do it this way is I still want to continue working freely on the outline sketch since it's not fully finished, so that I just can blend the colors out and keep working on the outline, at the same time I want to color it while I go just to see where it's going and to make sure that I'm not wasting my time unnecessarily with trying to do a outline just to find out that it won't work out at the end.


      Another question I have is: Do you know of any good tutorials or resources like videos for example that show how to do a comic type animation, how to create the characters, how to make them move and talk? It can be a free or paid resource.



      Thanks in advance.

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          easiest way to copy an out line is double click on the movie clip or animation , you can then select either the fill or outline ,

          i think i would copy the outline , then right right click , paste in place , u can change the color of the second layer

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            I tried your approach, I figured it's unpractical, because think about it, when I have on layer A my unfinished outline and I copy it to layer B and then colorize it, then continue working on the outline on layer A I'll then have an finished outline on layer A and an unfinished outline on layer B, those two will overlap and I also can't separate the outline from the colors on layer B, now if I would do shadows on layer C I'd again have a third outline that's not completely finished, as you can see it all gets to a mess, when it could be real simple.


            And I don't even know how I would animate all this when I have three different outlines on three different layers.


            This whole Flash program takes a lot of time, more than I'm willing to invest, most of the time I'm spending on figuring out how to do very basic and simple things that I would have done in Photoshop within minutes. It should have taken me max an hour or two do a character instead it's taking me days.


            I think I need to find some good video tutorials that show me how to do a comic animation in Flash.