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    AVCHD Error with After Effects CS4 installed


      I have a AVCHD camera that compresses to m2ts file format. Every time I import one of these files in after effects this happens:


      After Effects Error:
      Every time I import an AVCHD file into after effects it prompts me with the error:


      After Effects error: Can't import (filename) : unkown filetype or extension


      (0 ::1)



      It only happens with AVCHD video files, also after I click ok on the error it lets me import it perfectly fine. But this is annoying when i'm importing multiple files. I still have CS3 on my computer, I don't know if that could cause problems?

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          There could be two reasons for this.


          1. You're using a trial version. Support for video formats that relies on codecs provided by third parties (all MPEG flavors, including AVCHD and HDV) is not available in the trial.


          2. If it's not a trial version, it could be the following issue: If you downloaded the After Effects 9.0 trial, then updated to After Effects 9.0.1, and then activated the application with a serial number after purchasing a license (all in exactly that order), then the After Effects 9.0.2 update will fail to update your third-party content, like the Cycore (CC) effect plug-ins. It appears that uninstalling the third-party content and then restarting the application will cause the updated third-party content to be installed correctly. On windows you'll have an entry in Control Panels/Programs and Features. On the mac, it will be in /Application/Utilities/Adobe Installer.