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    Populate PDF with data from SQL through VB 2008


      Hello. I'm researching for the new VB project and hoping to get some answers. We have a lot of existing PDF documents (50+) and we would like to save information filled in by the user in SQL database and then pre-populate the answers in multiple PDFs for printing. We'd also want user to digitally sign the pdf (probably with electronic signature pd) and store the signature in the database. Ideally I'd like to create VB project with form that users would fill information into and then information should "flow" into multiple PDF. Client then should be able to view pre-filled PDF and digitally sign it. Then later I'd setup some reports based on user-filled information - in Visual Studio. What software would we need to accomplish PDF-SQL connection? Is it Adobe LifeCycle? Do I have to know JavaScript to use its functionality? Can digital signature be saved in SQL as an image? Please advise!