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    Hope this is not too easy or difficult

      We have been developing some simulations for SAP rollout. At one extreme we have a course that is divided up into individual sub-modules but is essentially a 380 slide 23MB file that takes ages to load and difficult if not impossible to put on our intranet.

      At the other extreme my colleague has produced a series of individual captivate files - one for demo, one for training and one for assessment and will need to connect them together.

      Should I be using Menu Builder for this?
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi lonkey and welcome to the community

          The answer, as with most things, depends on your needs, but Captivate works best with small modular files and these can be linked.
          E.g. If you want a user to go from the demo to the sim, then the assessment then I would use "Edit/Preferences - Start/end node" and have the demo set to open other file on end with the path to the simulation. similarly, the sim would open the assessment. Lastly, use a menubuilder project to manage the overall navigation between the modules.

          Hope this makes sense, but please call again if not.
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            lonkey Level 1
            Thanks for that - I think that gives us a good idea of how to bring together individual files.

            As far as the large 300-odd screen demonstration mode only file, should I chop it into individual modules first and then treat the same way? I really am a bit of a beginner!
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              jojolina Level 1
              Yeah lonkey

              The best bet is to keep the files small and modular and I am pretty sure that your 300 slider can be "cut up" into smaller chunks that are logically grouped.

              If you are looking for some practical examples then I would suggest looking at daisychaining. The big man himself, Rick the Captiv8tr, built a short demo on this very issue a while back that would be worthwhile to you. Click HERE for the link.
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                lonkey Level 1
                Hello again

                I have tried very unsuccessfully to solve this one with 3 separate files each with 6 slides in and all that happens is that it loads a browser even though I have local files all in the same directory and do not wish to go anywhere else. What is going on?????

                I tried the link and it all seemed common sense until the very end where it goes to a Goober Guides website where it just hangs and I am left in the lurch. Am I expected to pay for the final answer or is t that Captivate just cannot do this apparently simple task.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi there Gareth

                  The link Andrew provided opens a Captivate that tells you how to accomplish things. At the end, there are links that are intended to allow you to see things in action. What you are seeing is an issue with linking to EXE files. In order to make EXE files work properly, you would need to have them on a CD-ROM or your local PC.

                  The SWF examples should be working okay.

                  I'm not understanding how you are "left in a lurch". You didn't have to pay for what is outlined in that tutorial. It's all spelled out for you.

                  If you want to see the EXE versions in action, post back and I'll see what I can do to upload the files where you may download them and try them on your own PC.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    KerryWilson Level 2
                    Ok, that's how to daisy chain... what if you need to go back to a previous segment?

                    For example the 4th slide in my presentation contains 4 buttons. Each button goes to screen captures of how to perform tasks in a software application. At the end of each task I need it to go back to the screen that has the 4 buttons.

                    At the moment I have all of this in one project, however that means the project is now 264 slides, and 64 meg.

                    I'd like to link the 4 buttons to 4 separate external projects, and once the project has played it goes back to the 4 button slide. This will chop up my project nicely.

                    I hope that makes sense.


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                      KerryWilson Level 2
                      Ah, never mind. I've worked it out.

                      I chunked my project into pieces, exported them to HTML and have them all linked to go backwards and forwards. Seems to work well on my hard drive, be interesting to see if I can get it to work properly on our Intranet.

                      However, the 2 day captivate course I'm doing on Thursday-Friday should help me work everything out I need.