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    Copy/Paste won't work between PrePro and AE



      I'm working with 720p MXF clips from an HVX200, and I'm trying to copy from Premiere into AE. It won't let me paste into AE.

      I've tried using a Dynamic Link, but that makes no difference.

      Thank you in advance!


      Adobe Production Premium CS3

      Windows Vista

      Core 2 Quad 2.5GHz

      4GB ram

      GeForce 9800GT

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What are the exact steps that you're taking? What are you copying? What is active in the other application when you're trying to paste? The more detail you give, the more likely we can tell what's wrong.


          Here's a page that includes instructions for copying and pasting between After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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            mstcharles5 Level 1

            A more detailed explanation of the problem:


            I'm using the Premiere CS3 preset "DVCPRO HD 720p 24p".

            I have a short timeline (30 second commercial) with several shots I need to composite in AE.

            I make a new Adobe Dynamic Link AE comp.

            I click on a single clip from the Premiere timeline and Copy it, then click on AE in the comp window and Paste. And nothing happens. Edit>Paste is grayed out.


            I just tried making fresh projects in AE and PP and recreated the problem exactly as above.


            Thank you for your quick response, Todd.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              A couple of things:


              - If you're using Dynamic Link, you don't need to also use copy and paste. Dynamic Link is a totally separate (and usually much, much better) way of moving data between the two applications.

              - As described on this page, you don't paste into the Composition panel in After Effects. You can paste from one Timeline panel to the other Timeline panel, or you can paste from one Project panel to the other.


              I think that the first point is the more important one here: If you're using Dynamic Link, forget about copying and pasting between the two applications.


              It seems, from your description of what you're trying to do, that you should use the first procedure on this page to replace your clip(s) with an After Effects composition in Premiere Pro and---and this is the important part---automatically create a composition in After Effects that contains the clips from Premiere Pro.

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                mstcharles5 Level 1

                Oh right- the AE "Timeline" window is what I meant, not the comp window.

                The "Replace With After Effects Composition" option is not present when I right-click a clip in Premiere; is that a CS4 addition? I'm using CS3.

                It looks like the best option for me is to copy/paste, but it just won't work! I also tried using DV footage (instead of DVCPRO HD), but no good.

                I can use a Dynamic Link comp by importing footage into AE, but then I have to trim the clips again.

                Any other ideas? Both apps are fully updated btw.

                Thank you again Todd.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  When you attempt to copy&paste into a replacement comp, you are basically attempting to build a loop on top of another loopback connection. When such a comp is created, Premiere waits for AE to exit or send a signal that its finished and the comp is saved, so in Premiere the resources get released and the clip updated with your comp. As Todd said, you would probably do better, to use DynamicLink, or on the other extreme, more conventional procedures like manually creating the comp in AE "out of context" by launching teh program separately, not from within PPro, so you can copy&paste stuff.