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    Illustrator Graph Legends change location on refresh

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      I have just upgraded from Illustrator 10 to Illustrator CS4. I have thousands of repeating graphs we use for production of newsletters, books, etc. With Illustrator 10, I would use the Group Selection tool to move a graph's legend and text to the position I wanted them, and they stayed put every time I edited the data.  Now, after importing into CS4, I'm discovering that although the graph parts of the legend stay put (lines, squares of color for columns), my text for the legends moves with every refresh. This is a major problem for me, since we can't be moving these manually over and over every time I add data to a graph or make changes.


      I knew the text is handled very differently between 10 and CS4, so I tested recreating some of my most used graphs from scratch in CS4 to see if this would solve the problem. It's actually worse; the text moves position far to the right or to the top, depending on whether Add Legend Across Top is selected or not. I never use legends in either of these spots, we always put them inside the graph, or outside on the bottom.


      I think I must be missing something in now to update these graphs in CS4 to keep the legend text from jumping all over the place. Please tell me I'm missing something!

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          OK, no answers to my specific question as of yet. So  can I just ask if those of you who use the Graph tool fairly frequently can answer this. Once you create a graph, do you move the legend? And if you do reposition the legend manually in a custom position (not top or left in the default position), and then update the data with changes, additions, etc., do the graph legends stick for you, or do they move?