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    Urgent.  Issue with converted .mov files to avi not working in Premiere.

    Draconiuslivesagain1 Level 1

      I am trying to import video files that I have converted from .mov to .avi through OjoSoft Total Video Converter and anytime I try to put a file into the work area, the video goes to Video 1, and Audio goes to Audio 4.  When I try to play it I get no audio, and the video jumps from frame 1 to frame 2.


      Does anyone know a good converter or know the best way to convert and what filetypes to do so?  They work converting them as MP4 video files, but I like avi's better.


      I have tried converting the .mov to mpeg4 and H.264 (Both with audio as MP3).  They will play in Windows Media Player after convert but not in premiere...


      I am running Premiere CS4 on Windows7 with no direct codec packs installed.  I opened a video/audio file that I worked on before with no issues...video/audio run flawlessly in Premiere.


      Please help!