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    Brightening Video for YouTube

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello All,


      I have created my video on a Mac and upload to Youtube.




      Some feedback from people who have seen it is that some scenes are too dark.  I had made some dark scene intentionally but when I veiwed it on YouTube from my neighbors HP computer the video was darker and slightly different color cast than what I created.  I don't know if its a Mac/PC thing or a Youtube- Mac/PC thing or maybe just her computer monitor, but she said that it was also dark on her Laptop (non-Apple).


      On my computer I compared shots from the video inside of Premiere Pro to the same shot on Youtube and the color is relatively consistant.  I've read that APPLE has its own way of interpreting color so I'm thinkings its a Mac/PC thing and since most of the world is not Mac I should accomodate the majority.


      So I need some advice on if I should upload a brighter version of the video, and what would be the best method of doing it.


      Thank Cris