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    Specifying the FLV in a multi-channel multi-title player


      I have Flash 8 Pro that I use to publish an Earth Sciences Agency version 5.1 multi-channel multi-title FLV player on my website. The FLV player is populated using an XML playlist. I'm going through the account setup process at Truveo, which is a search engine dedicated to video, that uses an RSS feed to enter your videos into their search engine. I've set up the RSS feed and it validates.

      However, a listing of one of my videos in the search results only points to my site as a whole, rather than to the specific FLV file on a specific channel in the FLV player. I suspect that there is some need in the RSS file to specify the FLV video and also fire an event, plus some type of event listener in my SWF to respond with the correct FLV.

      In other words, when the search engine(s) return one of my videos in a search list, and provides a hyperlink to my site, how do I make it open the FLV player at that specific video, rather than just open my site as a whole?

      Can anyone point me to a tutorial for how to set that up? Is it even possible?


      Tom Wood