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    Deleting a selection


      I'm not sure if I can explain this the proper way so please bare with me.


      In Photoshop you can select and object on layer 1, and then go to another layer (layer 2) and press delete and what was in layer 1 is now deleted or inprinted in layer 2. My question is, how do I do that in illustrator? Is it possible to be done?


      Below is the picture that I am trying to do that to. I would like the white splatters to be deleted on the green letters. So basically when i delete the splatters layer, the inprint will still be there but the green letters. As if there were holes in the green letters



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          I think we need to see a screen shot of your photoshop layers panel before you merged the layers.

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            buwnkle Level 1

            Well the question is not about Photoshop but about illustrator. I was just using Photoshop as an example. Because in Photoshop you can select an object in a layer, and then chose another layer (with the selection of the top layer still selected) and press Delete and it makes an imprint of the top layer selection on the bottom layer. I hope I'm explaining that correctly.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              What i am asking is to see what you mean in photoshop so it can be 

              related to the way Illustrator works.


              For instance is the splotch art vector? If not then it may have to be 

              done in Photoshop at any rate, perhaps.


              There are ways to do it but it depends on the nature of the art as to 

              which way it is handled.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                I guess you amswered you own question, there would have been more responses if we could understand what you wanted to do as there is a clear difference between the applications and how make and what is called a selection in the two programs.


                So you have to help us understand waht it is you expect. I believe there is a way but there woould be a response if other contributors here understood what you mean.


                So showing us what you are doing in Photoshop would clarify the matter. But if you are happy with your own answer have a great day and I was pleased to be able to help you.

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                  Scott Falkner Level 5

                  It is not a good idea to compare terms in Photoshop to the same terms in Illustrator. In most cases, the terms describe very different things. “Selection” is a good example. In Photoshop a selection is just a masked area that restricts editing. One is further restricted by the active layer. In Illustrator a selection means any number of objects which the user has clicked on, making them active. Those objects can be anywhere on the artboard and on multiple layers. And edits performed are applied only to those objects.


                  “Layer” is another good example. In Photoshop, each image, adjustment, or separate text element is a separate layer. In Illustrator all of these things (except adjustments, which Illustrator lacks) are separate objects that can be arranged in any way on layers, including all on the same layer. In Photoshop, layers are a necessary way to keep items separate. In Illustrator, layers are a convenient way to arrange separate objects, but they are rarely necessary to produce any required result.


                  It is important to understand that Photoshop and Illustrator are very different programs that do very different things and use very different steps, even though they may appear to produce the same results.

                  Consider the following image:

                  Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 3.38.24 PM.png

                  In Photoshop I would turn the text for “PHOTO” into a selection, then activate the Layer 1 and press Delete, thus cutting the necessary hole in the photo. Hide the PHOTO layer and I’m done. Remember that by turning the PHOTO layer into a selection I created a mask. That is, effectively, the same thing required in Illustrator, although the steps are very different.

                  To do the same thing in Illustrator I also create a mask. But since Illustrator does not edit the pixels of an imported image, I can’t delete some of those pixels as I did in Photoshop. Instead, I create an inverse of that mask and use it to show only the part of the photo contained in that mask. This means I need three objects: The photo, the text, and a rectangle to cover the photo. I then use the PathFinder panel’s Minus Front button (top row, second from left) to cut the text out of the rectangle. If I hold Option as I do this, the text remains editable. Now that I have the right shape, I apply it as a mask by selecting both the Compound Shape and the image and go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

                  Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 3.48.14 PM.png

                  Notice that everything is on Layer 1. By expanding the layer I can see the structure of the Illustration: A group comprised of a linked image masked by a compound shape, which is in turn made using two objects. I can still edit the text, move it, and change the size or font and the mask will change as I change it. The imported image is still complete.

                  I think this is what you are after. You should get a good book on the use of Illustrator, such as Adobe’s Classroom in a Book or the Visual Quickstart guide. It’s too easy to treat Illustrator like Photoshop, since the two programs try to look alike and use similar terms for what are actually very different concepts.

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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                    My thought was that the OP wanted to use perhaps the splatches which I have a feeling are pixel based and therefore ,may have to made into an alpha selection then save as a path and then brought into Illustrator as such and use that to make the clip and then invert that clipping mask.


                    Or perhaps export the splotch layer as a ttramsp[arent psd and use the as the clip.


                    But he has to help us a little more we are just guessing here.


                    Even if you posted the psd with splotch layer that might help as well.

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                      Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Your emails are not coming through. You will have to log on to the forums directly to post.

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                        buwnkle Level 1

                        Thank you SCOTT. That was what i was going for. I was just using the EXAMPLE of photoshop, to EXPLAIN what I wanted to do in illustrator. Like I stated in the first post, "I'm not sure if I can explain this the proper way so please bare with me."
                        But I do greatly appreciate the both of you trying to help me out.

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                          JETalmage Level 6
                          In Photoshop you can select and object on layer 1, and then go to another layer (layer 2) and press delete and what was in layer 1 is now deleted or inprinted in layer 2.


                          No, you can't. Generally speaking, In Photoshop, you are not selecting objects. You are selecting regions of pixels in a raster image. In Illustrator, you select objects.


                          I would like the white splatters to be deleted on the green letters.


                          The white spaltters could be a set of vector paths, combined as a Compound Path.

                          The green letters underneath could also be combined as a Compound Path.

                          The Compound Path of the splatters could then be used to "punch" the Compound Path of the letters. That's a common and fairly basic function of vector drawing programs. In Illustrator the group of those kinds of functions is called "Pathfinders." See online help.


                          The splatters could also be Grouped and used as an Opacity Mask for the green letters (similarly grouped). Again, see Online Help.




                          You really need to read & work through the documentation to get a basic understanding of what a program like Illustrator is all about. You are sufferning under very basic misconceptions. For example, in neither of the two approaches described above, there is no need at all for white splatters and the green letters to be on separate Layers. A Layer in Illustrator is an entirely different thing from a Layer in Photoshop.



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                            buwnkle Level 1

                            Thank you. I'm new to illustrator, I'm pretty much self teaching myself. Thank you.