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    Audio wont preview.


      Hello hope sombody can help ∑:-3


      I can't figure out why audio won't preview. i've followed all the steps that i normally do when wanting to preview the audio, such as having audio ticked in the drop down composition > preview , i've pressed the  . key in the number pad, still nothing,,, i've dropped down the audio wave length and can see that there is actually audio there so its not like i dont have audio in my comp, also in the audio pannel in the interface i see that there is sound as it displays it in the graphic equaliser....


      its really left me puzzeled, i've exported and i can hear sound just wont preview.....


      thank you for reading,




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you accidentally turned off the layer switch or reduced the level? Also check your audio prefs in AE. Maybe something has changed there. Short of that it may depend on the file, though if it was problematic and AE couldn't decode the stream at all, the waveform woul be empty to begin with. Quite odd indeed.