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    Difference in using the same component made in mxml or action-script




      I made a sample project to show a kind of bug in the SuperTabNavigator component of FlexLib


      In this sample you can see that using the same component (made in both mxml or action-script) can make a difference


      I'm just wondering why ?






      Here is what i've posted :


      What steps will reproduce the problem?
      1. Create a button to dynamically add new tab with icon on a SuperTabNavigator
      2. Click on this button to add new tabs

      What is the expected output?
      - The expected output is tabs added without abnormal behavior

      What do you see instead?
      - Every time a new tab is created the one who had the focus has its content
      (icon + label) moving from the top-left of the tab to its original position

      Please provide any additional information below.

      - Flex Builder 3 in Eclipse
      - FlexLib 2.3

      (see attached file)

      There is two type of tab, one in action-script and one in mxml
      They both are equal

      - Adding a new action-script tab to SuperTabNavigator works fine
      - Adding the same tab but an mxml one doesn't

      - Adding a new action-script or mxml tab to TabNavigator works fine
      -> meanings that the issue comes with SuperTabNavigator

      - Adding a new mxml tab to both SuperTabNavigator and TabNavigator at the
      same time makes TabNavigator to get the same bad behavior

      - Tried everything but i'm really stuck

      - Weirdly, removing the PopUpButton correct the issue

      - In the same way if you keep adding action-script tab it automatically scroll to the
      last tab. And if you do the same with mxml tab then it add the tab at the end and
      scroll to the first one.

      => what could be the difference between using action-script or mxml object ?