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    PC XP CS3 - Script to multiple re-link to other files in folders


      I have just been reading an introduction to scripts so I have zero experience in writing them.

      I thought I would throw this out there as I noticed there are some extremely generous script programmers in the forum.


      First, a brief outline of my situation:-

      I work in offset printing.
      Basically I am imposing the front and back of large sheets (2 page document) which are created in Indesign CS3 on a PC, XP Pro.


      Each new job/sheet has its own folder named XXXX.
      Within this folder will be a number of other folders, each containing pdf files (cmyk artwork) for a business card.


      Usually there is one pdf file for the front of the card and one for the back i.e. 2 sided business card.
      e.g. 2015-33344 1-1.pdf
             2015-33344 1-2.pdf
      (1-1.pdf is the front cmyk artwork)
      (1-2.pdf is the back cmyk artwork)


      Often there may be a second/third/fourth card in the same folder.
      These are named as 2-1.pdf, 2-2.pdf, 3-1.pdf, 3-2.pdf and so on.


      Initially I run another independent application which automatically imposes all the cards on the 2 page Indesign document (front and back of sheet).


      The next stage (which I am seeking help for) is to create a spot UV varnish sheet, as each card also has a spot UV varnish pdf file in the same folder.

      Note that at the moment I initially have to remove/re-locate all the UV pdf files from each folder (cut and paste into other holding folder) before I can run the initial imposing application. This is because the application searches for .pdf in each folder and imposes that file.

      But I can live with having to perform this action.

      (At the moment I am placing the UV pdf files back in their folders once the initial application has imposed the sheet).


      The spot UV file will be either on the front and/or back of each card.

      The UV files always have the name "UV" (not case-sensitive) somewhere in the pdf file name.
      e.g. 2015-33344 Spot UV 1-1.pdf
             2015-33344 Spot UV 1-2.pdf


      So at the moment I am having to manually re-link each card in the 2 page document to its UV pdf file.

      When you have 60 cards on one sheet (front and back) this takes a long time to manually perform (120 re-links for one print job).


      What I was hoping for was if someone would be able to write a script which would re-link/replace every card/pdf file on the imposed sheet with its corresponding UV pdf file.

      And could I be directed toward which application I would require to paste the script into to run it.