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    Reset operations in a perticular frame


      I've created a application where the viewer could change colours, add text, add logos, rotare them, etc...


      How do I create a reset button whcih resets everything to back normal in a specific FRAME? What functions do I have to use?



      Frame 5 is used to Add colours and text, etc...

      Frame 10 is used to Add logos,scale them, rotate them, etc...


      I need a reset button in Frame 5 to make only the things which were changed back to normal. (I hope this makes scence).

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          clbeech Level 3

          hmmm - well one could have a set of 'default' variables that you would then assign to the objects within a method to reset them.  what the variable values are depends greatly on the methodology of your system.  for instance if your changing the 'frame' of an object, you may simply need to reset that frame to 1 - or if your using a ColorTransform object you would want to store the default value, OR at least reset is to the original within the method (which may be simpler depending on the structure)


          you could place a 'reset' method on each frame that is specific to the elements of that frame.

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