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    Pattern stamp tool scaling!


      Hi there!


      Here is a feature I have been missing in photoshop. I noticed you are now able to scale your clone source in photoshop CS4, which is excellent. I would love to be able to do the same thing for the pattern stamp tool!


      I use the pattern stamp tool a lot for texturing, since it is quite handy to have a bunch of base textures readily available like that. I work in the games/3D industry and use photoshop a lot for texturing. Currently you can only stamp the pattern at a fixed size, so I have had to create differently scaled versions of each texture I use for the stamp tool. Having the ability to to scale the pattern would be awesome.


      Best regards


      Markus Schille

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          Ok Markus there is a way to do pattern stamping without the tool itself. A new solid color layer, doesn't matter what color. Use layer effects pattern overlay, 100% - put an inverted  mask on the layer and brush the mask. This will do eaxactly the same as Pattern stamp with 'Aligned' checked .Now you can scale this pattern overlay in the layer effects dialog, to your hearts content either before or after painting.


          Non 'aligned' pattern stamping, I dont think there is a way to simulate this without trying to use sampled brushes.

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            Markus_Sch Level 1

            Yeah, its helpful. A nice tip anyways. But it would be even better with the pattern stamp tool, because then you could mix different patterns, so its more like painting freestyle. Also in some cases I like using the non aligned version, to get a more randomized result, otherwise you get ugly repeating patterns.


            An additional feature I would like is rotation /angle. If you ever have tried Maxxons bodypaint 3D you will know what I'm talking about.


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