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    PowerPoint 2007 and Captivate 3 - Importing freezes everything

    jmblackman Level 1

      My company recently upgraded to Office 2007.  Now, whenever I try to import a PowerPoint into Captivate, it freezes up.  Actually, the slides seem to come in but it's once you hit "Ok" that the program (and everything else) just freezes up.  I have to go into Task Manager and end it.


      The presentation has been saved in compatibility mode (PowerPoint '97 - 2003).  If I try to import an older PowerPoint, one that was originally created in Office 2003, it works fine.


      Also, this presentation (the one created in Office 2007) loads fine in Captivate 4.


      The problem with that, though, is that I am the only person with Captivate 4.  The majority of people around the company have 3 and they are all running into this same issue.  So, I want to be able to offer something other than "send it to me and I'll bring it in using Captivate 4"...


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you!