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    Old version of RoboHelp HTML, seeking a little help

      Hello everyone. I have (what I assume is) a very old version of RoboHelp HTML (2002r2 build 1150). This is the version my company has and I don't think they are looking to upgrade. Hopefully you all can still help me with what I think is a small problem.

      I have created a sliding help tab that slides to the right when not in use and opens when a help link is clicked. When I open the tab, I load the frame using the following JavaScript:

      window.top.frames['helpFrame'].location.href = "Help/Help.htm#" + strHelp + ".htm";

      I am passing strHelp into the function when the user clicks the Help link. I am seeing two issues with this. On the first click the help topic loads fine. On any subsequent clicks to any help topics within the page I get the following:
      1) Table of Contents screen is blank
      2) Help topic content does not change from whatever topic was clicked first

      If I right click the TOC and choose refresh, it loads up and I can nav around within the help system. But if I close the tab and click any other help link on my page I get the same issues above.

      My workaround has been to create the attached function (see below). As long as I load that blank page first, then the help files will all load correctly. However this is creating a race condition whereby on slower machines with slower connections, sometimes that blank page does not load and the code keeps on trucking and in the end i end up with a blank page. This is why I am using the setTimeout and waiting 100 ms before executing the help topic load. I recently had to up this value from 10 because some people were getting blank help loads on every other click (due to caching I assume - click one loads help, click 2 has help cached so it loads quicker than blank page so blank page ends up being what is shown, click 3 has blank page cached so it loads fast and then continues on to the topic, etc).

      If I comment out the line that loads the blank page, I end up back at the situation above with the TOC not loading and the topic not updating.

      So...after all that, my question really is: Am I even doing this correctly in the first place? Is there some other syntax for loading the help content correctly? Any help that any of you can give is greatly appreciated.