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    command to move label (from xml) to another list


      I see all kinds of examples of drag and drop from one list to another but not this type of move.  I am trying to get a mouse click to move a label off the canvas and into a list component which I will later use to compare to the origional list of labels which comes from an xml file.


      Maybe I am doing this wrong but I have dynamic labels moving accross the canvas which I want removed upon mouseclick and then placed into a list to be used later for compasision. Here is what I am using so far:


      <!-- Disolve Out And Move-->
                   <mx:Parallel id="dissolveOutAndMove">


                           <mx:Dissolve id="dissolveOut" duration="2000" alphaFrom="1.0" alphaTo="0.0"  />
                            <mx:Move id="moveToList"  xTo="400" yTo="400" duration="2000"/>



      <!-- Keyword Group 1 -->
                      <mx:Label text="{enWordsXML.keyword[0].word}" id="word0"
                           x="85" y="239"
                           fontFamily="Georgia" fontSize="20" fontWeight="bold" color="#1689A2" textAlign="left"

                      <mx:Label text="{enWordsXML.keyword[1].word}" id="word1"
                           x="197" y="267"
                           fontFamily="Verdana" fontSize="23" fontWeight="bold" color="#293C0B"




      I know my "moveToList" right now is just applying a move command but what I really want is that mouseclick to move the label to a list component and remove it from the canvas.


      Anyone know how to do this?  I know I am missing something simple.....