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    export and media offline




      Well I tried to export for the first time. I went to file>export>media and then chose a dvd option. The rendered file was much shorter than my film. Perhaps I did not choose the whole sequence but I did ctrl A and also dragged the cover bar all the way. There is no option for export to dvd or for export to encore under my file tab. Now comes the real problem. I reinstalled encore thinking this was the problem and now all of my clips are giving me the red media offline. I have searched the other forum threads for this problem. It seems that it is common but the solutions I have read have not worked. I have clicked on and off visibility, moved clips up and down video lines on timeline, tried to copy over into a new sequence. Nothing. If I right click a clip it is not even giving me a link option. Man I am sick to my stomach...so much time this is terrible.