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    Application positioning content incorrectly


      I am having an issue with the way ApplicationLayout is positioning content in Flex 3.2, I have a single container inside the Application tag and it is set to 100% and the scrollbar is on at the Application level.


      When I step through ApplicationLayout I see the issue plainly enough:


      When the viewMetrics is retrieved the code says that during layout it should take account of the scrollbar, so it is returning a vm.right of 16 which is Scrollbar.minWidth, so although the Application width is 1287 it sets the one child container to a width of 1287-16 i.e. 1271.


      Then after calling setActualSize on the child container it tries to align the container, however the codes states that it should ignore the scrollbar for alignment purposes. So as it is set to align center, it takes the 1271 wide child and centers it in its 1287 width i.e it moves it to 8.


      When complete you end up with a 8px space to the left of the child and part of the child flowing under the scrollbar, instead of it fitting flush in the Application.


      Anyone know whats up with this, and is there some magic workaround for this problem?