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    Down Skin For a Button changes position and Label color


      I'm having a problem whereby my skin that I'm applying to a button (NOT a custom button just a button on the application) is changing the postion of the button (up and to left) and the color of the label for the button.


      1. I create a Movie clip in Flash named "button_downSkin"  (including linkage with the same same as the symbol). Also it is the same exact size of my button in Flex.


      2. Save fla


      3.  Export swc


      4. Add swc to flex project



      In my css I add:


      downSkin: Embed(skinClass="button_downSkin");


      The downSkin is applied scucessfully, however, like I say above the position and label colort of teh button are affected. Anyone know how to resolve this?