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    Adobe Reader 9.2 and AIR hotfix


      I'm running into an Adobe reader 9.2 and AIR compatibility problem. I developed an AIR App with

      browser panel that invokes a PDF doc using Adobe Reader. When I update to the latest Adobe

      Reader (9.2), I start having errors with a dialog saying errors related to the CoolType.dll.


      I found this in one of the devnet articles which mentions a hotfix. Where do I get it??

      I cannot find it anywhere on the Adobe site.





      AIR applications are unable to load a PDF using Reader 9.2

      AIR applications that load a PDF in the broswer will no longer work with Adobe Reader 9.2.

      Recommended action: This issue will be addressed in an upcoming patch release to Reader. For

      enterprises which can control the deployment of Reader, a hotfix is available from Adobe Support.


      Thanks in advance,