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      I write a PanelSkin.
      I draw a rectangle as a inner bacground in Panel. :

      graphics.beginFill(getStyle("backgroundColor"), getStyle("backgroundAlpha"));
      graphics.drawRoundRectComplex(borderThicknessLeft, headerHeight,
      radius, radius, radius, radius);
      and all is ok and all work, I cann addd a buttons into panel and all is ok.,
      but I would like to draw a inner shadow in panel, so I draw this rectangle with glow effect.
      it looks nice. Just as I wanted it to look, but it doesn`t work. When I add a buttons and another controls my rectangle draws under this button controls made as last, not under the header of panel

      What should I change ?
      I think that is wrong that I add child this rectangle as UIComponent and not as container but I dont know how to add to this rectangle glow and add all to stage not as UIComponent