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    RH8 HTML "Find and Replace" Locks after a "found" file is changed

    Critterlover1075 Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp8 HTML on a Dell Latitude 630 laptop running Windows Vista. After opening a project and then opening the Find and Replace window and searching, I made a change to one of the files (in the RH8 UI) that the "find" function found. When I went back to the Find and Replace window, I got the usual dialog that advises that the xx file has been modified and asks do I want RH8 to reload it? No matter which I click, "Yes" or "No", the dialog reappears. This did NOT happen in RH7 (on the same laptop). The only way I can get this dialog to disappear is to exit RH8 or use Task Manager and close it, which also closes RH8. What is up with this? To make it worse, the Find and Replace dialog that is behind the pop-up dialog can't be moved, and it remains on top of the RH8 UI. And clicking the red X does nothing. Here's a screenshot:




      Also, I cannot find a way to search a SPECIFIC forum - The only options I see are "Search Forums", which gives me results from ALL Adobe product forums (and I've never found an answer or post of my problem there), or "Search Adobe.com". If there is some way for us to search a specific Forum (e.g., just the RoboHelp HTML Forum), PLEASE tell me how to do that. I'm relatively new to this Forum, and one of the reasons I haven't used it much is because of the inability to search just the RH8 HTML one. Ironically, the "Before you post" post has this as the first thing we're supposed to do before posting. If there is no way to do that, then PLEASE Adobe, add a search function within each product's forum. It would definitely help to keep down the number of duplicate posts and enable us to find answers to our questions more quickly.


      Thank you in advance!