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    Object Recordings out of synch.... ugh!


      Here is a good one.  I have a 22 slide course that has multiple objects on each slide.  I created recordings that are linked to each object on each slide.  When I preview the slide, they are great, play in order, etc.  When I preview "next 5 slides"  the fun begins.  On a slide where there are 2 objects with seperate audio files, the second audio file plays over both objects and the first audio file never plays.  It is consistent on every multiple object slide.  When I go in to edit the slide, everything looks fine, the timeline, etc... it only happens when I preview the project or next 5 slides....  Help!!

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          It helps to give a correct answer if you mention the version of CP used. Do you have the same issue when previewing the project in Browser, or after publishing? Did you install the update released end of May (Project, Updates), if you are using CP4?



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            Sorry-- I am using Version 4.  I actually figured out my problem.  I created the audio files in Audacity and saved them each with a numeric file name.  For instance "Slide3.1 (I put the .1 to indicate that it was to be used on the first object on the slide).  Apparently, you cant use a dot in the file name.  It only recognized the file name until the dot, so it defaulted to the last one in the order that I imported them.  I changed the dot to an underscore ie., Slide3_1, Slide 3_2, etc and it worked fine.  I still wonder why it worked fine when I previewed the individual slide.


            Thanks for the help!