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    Camera Raw 5.5 - Artifacts in Highlights?


      When opening some raw image files (IIQ, .mos, etc.) on PowerPC G5s running Tiger 10.4.11 & Leopard 10.5.8 in CS4, I've noticed that there seems to be this artifacting that appears in the images in the highlight (say 1-5% dot), and it appears in all 4 color channels. Opening the same files in CS4 on an Intel Mac running 10.5.8, I do not see this artifacting or corruption. If an image is saved that has this artifacting, the artifacting is written to the file.


      I would use CS3 to open these files, but it doesn't support the latest Camera Raw, and thus it doesn't support the latest cameras.

      Has anyone else seen this issue? Does anyone know what might be causing this?

      Please see attachment for an example. Only the blue-green and white should be present, not the varied 4-color outlines.