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    GZIP-Encoded HTTP Response in adobe air and flex data service



      I am using data centric service in flash builder 4 (beta 2) to call betfair web service. The application is working well.

      But betfair told me to set the encoding to gzip when requesting the web service. I had used httpHeaders to add new header.

               var bfHeader:Object=new Object();
               bfHeader["Accept-Encoding"]= "gzip";
               _serviceControl.httpHeaders = bfHeader;


      Now when I run the application, network monitor shows both the request and response is encoded in gzip format, network monitor itself uncompressed the content and showed it. But I don't know how to uncompress the content. As the content is compressed, I could not call any data service.


      I have tried to use the convertResultHandler. But actually don't know how to use it correctly.

      Please help me. Its important

      Thanks in advance.