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    Problem with stop action

    valf Level 1


      I have a prblem driving me mad... not really professionnel in lash, I'm only beginnning so I guess it's normal... here is my issue...


      I have the timeline with an animation, what I am doing is a whole website with pages on different frames... So far I have set up the intro page, everything works fine... I started making buttons for navigation, the problem is , when I put a stop action on the 1st frame... the introduction movie clip does not play anymore but the button works fine and does take me to frame x with the different content, so I tried changing and put the stop action at the end of the introduction movie, what happens then is the introduction does play ok and does stop , but the button does not take me anymore to the wanted frame....


      I am not sure if it can be of any help but in case here is the action script I am using :


      btn_home.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, pageHome);
      function pageHome (e:MouseEvent):void


      Could anyone please help me understand what I am doing wrong ? Many thanks in advance