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      Hello all,


      From what I've read and experienced Flex doesn't do printing very well....


      Nevertheless, I have the need to print a single page in an AIR app I'm creating.


      I've setup the 'print template' as a VBox with forms, etc and assign data to it upon creation:


      private function printOrder(jobVO:JobVO):void{


                       var printJob:FlexPrintJob = new FlexPrintJob();


                       if (printJob.start()) {


                                 var j:JobForm = new JobForm();

                                 j.currentState = "print";

                                 j.jobVO = jobVO;



                           printJob.addObject(j, FlexPrintJobScaleType.SHOW_ALL);









      All data gets populated correctly and the job is sent to the printer - however, even with the FlexPrintJobScaleType set to SHOW_ALL, the printout is consistently two pages on either OSX or Windows.


      From the ASDOCS:

      SHOW_ALL : String = "showAll"

      [static] Scales the object to fit on a single page, filling one dimension; that is, it selects the smaller of the MATCH_WIDTH or MATCH_HEIGHT scale types.


      Some people suggest using AlivePDF to generate a pdf - however, so far I have found no way to actually print the pdf without the user performing a manual second step.


      Does anyone have any advice to share?