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    Timecode errors in CS3, CS4

    AirStream Pictures Level 1

      I'm having timecode issues in Premiere that I can't seem to fix. Premiere, (both CS3 on a PC and CS4 on a Mac) does not read timecode properly from quicktime files I import. The files were generated from Red One rd3 files, and the timecode reads properly in Quicktime.  I have tried outputting QT to various codecs, as well as using the Red proxies. The errors are consistent. I can re-link to a new clip, render with a different codec, and it will show up in the proper place in the timeline, but the TC Premiere reports out in-screen or in an edl is not the TC on the clip. It's not either of the timecodes on the proxies.


      The Red media is 23.976 timebase, and the Premiere sequence is 23.976. I have a theory that Premiere is reading the 24-frame TC as 30-frame; the numbers are about 20% off. It makes outputting media for effects artists painful. The only reliable way around it seems to be working with burn-ins and manually referencing the burned-in TC. Does anyone know what might be causing this or how to fix it?