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    Premier Elements freezing

    robsaxe24 Level 1

      Ok...I don't want to waste anyone's time here so I'm going to outline the entire sordid story of what I've been through with PE8.

      Several months ago, PE4, came pre-installed from Dell, began to get choppy and slow when working on piecing together a video.  It still worked but I could see that something had happened that prevented the smooth operation I had become used to.

      In the interim I got a new camera that was of digital format mp4.  I started using it and downloading the clips straight from the hard drive of the camera to my computer instead of the firewire approach I had been using.

      The problem with PE4 got worse.  Thinking there was a compatibility issue with the format, which is supported, I decided to get PE8.  I downloaded it through mozillla, mistake #1, and tried to use the software...totally unusable.  Everything froze..I couldn't get to first base on any project.  Thinking I didn't get a clean install, I uninstall it.

      After that, called Adobe...ummm yeah, not so much!

      They sent me disks as they couldn't provide me with a link they had just provided me with...so pissed now from being on hold for almost 2 hours total and achieving NO GOAL....

      Being that I had nothing else to do but try to figure it out, I went to troubleshooting and have accomplished most of the 24 or so tasks there..all drivers are updated, QT is updated, I turned off a lot of the startup programs and then uninstalled the trial version that I had downloaded and used the serial number they provided to try and get something to work and uploaded from the disk....NOW it's starting to work like it should BUT..I'm still getting the freezing..

      I don't want to call Adobe unless I have to..I just don't...does anyone have any tips or tricks I might have overlooked to get this working seamlessly like I know it can?

      Thanks much in advance for any help.