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    Flex file upload more than 100 MB

    Santanu Karar Level 1



      Is there possibly any method where I can upload file to the server which are more than 100 MB?

      I've gone through the nice piece of code demonstrated at here : http://www.zehnet.de/2009/02/23/flex-fileupload-component/ , where it shown how we can upload files in chunks to the server following FP10, but it also limits to the FP max limit of 100 MB. I've also gone through the discussion followed at: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/494366 , where a process been discussed where FP first reads a defined amount of bytes from a file, loads them and upload them and then go for the rest of the bytes, following openAsync() method for FileMode.READ, but which is only available in AIR. So, I wonder, if there could possibly any way to upload more than of 100 MB files in chunks to the server in browser mode of the Flash Player.


      Thanks for any coming suggestions.