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    AIR 1.1


      Today I went to the Adobe home page for AIR and I could not find anything announcing the release of AIR 1.1 but I'm seeing apps being updated for 1.1. Couldn't the Adobe AIR homepage include something notifying users of the current release version?
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          When we do a release, not all of the pages get updated at the same time. I think you've managed to catch the site after the 1.1 release itself has been posted, but before all of the associated updates are also live.
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            anemitoff12 Level 1
            I saw the release notes which includes a list of "known issues" but does not contain a "change log". I would really like to see a list of the bug fixes and other issues addressed in the Air 1.1 release (such as the 30 second ajax request timeout which we have been told would be fixed in 1.1). I specifically would like to know whether the AIR includes an updated version of webkit?
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              Is there any way to get some clearer instructions on how to set up Flash CS3 to use AIR? I started 3 days ago on a quest to get the updates working and still no luck. Please include names of files and the order in which they should be installed. I followed directions as well as I could and still see nothing in the IDE (help, export, AS3 reference, etc.) pertaining to AIR. I'm assuming something didn't work but cannot figure it out.
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                Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
                @anemitoff12: Changes are documented in the FAQ, available at http://www.adobe.com/go/air1-1faq . And yes, a new version of WebKit is included.

                @wideye: Try http://www.adobe.com/products/air/develop/flash/ for more information.

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                  anemitoff12 Level 1
                  Regarding the updated version of webkit used in AIR1.1...

                  The faq says "The HTMLLoader userAgent string was changed from AppleWebKit/420 to AppleWebKit/523 to reflect the latest WebKit integration."

                  I am trying to determine the feature set and bug fixes that were changed between the 420 and 523 versions of webkit. But the webkit builds seem to have revision numbers like "r34534". Does 523 correspond to "r34523"? Does anyone know of an easy way to pull the change log for these versions of webkit?