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    cs3: batch capture in/out edits incorrect

    Rhys Davies

      OK - heres my problem. I have a hdv project which i captured dv files. Ive edited these in the timeline and now want to offline and batch capture as hdv. When i do this however many of the clips appear incorrectly on the timeline. they are slightly off the edits i made - starting several frames before where i made the cut.


      To test it wasn't an error having dv clips in a hdv project i set up a dv project and captured some dv footage. Did some edits on the timeline ( not the program window ) then exported this section, imported it and placed above the edited section on the timeline( so i could use as a comparison ). I then right clicked the captured footage in the project panel - make offline, media files deleted. Then right clicked the captured footage in the project panel - batch capture and captured the footage again. When i compared the footage in the timeline against the saved export the edits were out of sync.


      Not sure if this is at all clear an explanation but heres hoping.

      Many thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I think the way to do this is as follows.

          First capture the footage in DV mode (where scene detect works fine). Export a batch list of in/out points. Switch to HDV mode, import the batch list and recapture. It is recommended that you record a short additional clip at the start of the tape to provide the first reference point.

          Edit in dv, make it offline and relink with the hdv footage.

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            Rhys Davies Level 1

            Cheers ann -  this didnt seem to work. I exported the list and re-captured. The files then appear in a sub directory in the project window for the imported batch list. This doesnt filter through to the timeline edits. If i then link the files in the project window to the new file this does reflect in the timeline but still with the same problem - many frames out of sync.


            My problem is that i have already made the edits to the dv footage - i had presumed by highlighting the files once offline  then a batch capture to hdv would include all the edits in the correct places.

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Rhys: can you confirm that the batch captured HDV file is in fact the same in/out point etc as the DV file?  Also, you could check one of the points that is out of sync: if you calculate the source timecode that should be at an edit point that is not right, is the right frame at the right point in the source?


              Logically, this should work, so at what step is it going wrong?


              Ann, have you done this?

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                Rhys Davies Level 1

                Hi Stan, thanks for the response. I'm sure your description is clear but ive been at this for 20 hours straight so pardon if i am confused. The hdv export has a matching picture/timecode with the Sony FX1E . ie the Premiere Source window of the file shows the same image at the same timecode as the camcorder viewfinder. Premiere is importing the right section. Well what it thinks is the right section. However this is not the section that was on the original timeline -  i can see this by referring to the exported avi i now have on a layer which i use as a reference. I need to check to see if the dv file has the same in/out as the hdv. will need to test on other footage as previously i deleted the files on batch capture.


                Am i following your suggestion correctly?


                Another strange thing happened. I gave edl a go - exported from the project with dv. created a new hdv project and imported the list. Batch captured and still had the same problem - some match some dont. However i transferred to another pc and the same files which were matched on my laptiop were now not matched! How can this be? All i did was transfer the external hard drive ( scratch disc ) to a different pc , hooked the ppro file to them and more unmatching.


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                  Rhys Davies Level 1

                  OK - done some more tests. This is very strange:


                  Offlined some dv footage ( without deleting ) which was one capture seperated into 2 clips  and captured as hdv.



                  Clip 1 - mismatch to the dv reference and a mismatch to the camcorder.

                  Clip 2 - mismatch to the dv reference and match to the camcorder.


                  Unlinked this and linked the original dv footage back which matched the reference ( obviously ).



                  Clip 1 - match with the time code in the source window and  to the camcorder.

                  Clip 2 - mismatch  with the camcorder timecode.


                  Question is - why are the in and out points for dv and hdv sometimes matching the camcorder timecode and sometimes not?

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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I don't think I was that clear, but you seem to have gotten at my question: what precisely is the mismatch.  I assume you have a specific frame you can identify based on content, and that is what you are seeing as matched/mismatched.


                    I have no idea what is going on.

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                      Rhys Davies Level 1

                      Its not so much a frame thats not sync'ed. About half the batch captured clips have been shunted along which puts them out from my edit. These clips are all in the right ball park, between 2 frames and 2 seconds off . Know i may have to batchcapture then go through each clip - if its off from the edit then nudge it across. About 40 minutes of footage so a pain and it relies on me visually matching clips : room for error here.


                      I thought editing a dv 'proxy' then capturing to hdv would be simple Wish i'd just edited hdv now.


                      Many thanks for suggestions so far ... hoping an answer is out there.