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    Guide Line problem


      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem with setting a guide line by value.


      Usually when I set a guide line and enter a value into the transformation tab, for example 30mm, the guideline sets to 30mm.


      In my case the guide line does not jump to the 30mm it adds the 30mm to the current position. Lets say the guide line is at position 20mm. I type in 30mm and the guide line jumps to 50mm instead to 30mm.


      Maybe I hit some hotkey and now I don't know how to set this behavior back to normal.


      Can anyone help me?

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          If you mean a Guide as in View>Guides, there is no option like that in 10. Unless it has been introduced in/before your version, there is nothing to change, and it may be a corruption of preferences.


          You may try to Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Option+Shift during startup or to Move the folder , the latter is more thorough and laborious, but reversible so you may restore the preferences if it does not help.