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    What is earliest version of PE which exports .wmv files at 720p


      I am still using PE 2, it works well for my editing needs, however the quality of the .avi export files is inadequate for my needs, which are mainly sending short, informational, non stylish clips to our customers on issues like maintenaince of our machines etc.My camera is Canon Elura 70, which as far as I can tell outputs mini-dv (that has to be at 720p right?, I havn't been able to confirm that)


      I have discovered that .wmv files are much smaller and look much better than the PE2 generated .avi files, however PE2 can only output 320p in .wmv format.  I have been using Windows movie maker to post process the avi files to wmv format, but there has to be a better way.


      So what I would like is version of PE which shares the same (or similar) user interface but can export .wmv files at 720p.

      Is there such a beast?

      I downloaded a trial version of PE8 and it does do wmv at 720p, but I don't like the speed/look/interface as much as PE2.

      Thanks for any advice


      Malcolm Cox