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    Still cannot change radio caption color by script

    paitkenhead Level 1



      I've been trying to follow advice seen in other threads when developers wanted to inactivate radio button choices by script, and also turn the caption grey. What I'm finding is I can deactivate the choice but I just cannot turn the caption grey.


      If the exclusion group is named "MyRadioChoice" and the choices are (say) "Choice1", "Choice2", "Choice3" and due to other user input Choice3 becomes inapplicable, then the wisdom is this should work:


      MyRadioChoice.Choice3.access = "readOnly";

      MyRadioChoice.Choice3.caption.font.fill.color = "192,192,192";


      The first statement works, the choice can no longer be clicked. But the second does not work, I just can't change the caption color. THe script does not throw any errors, it just plain doesn't work. Can anybody help?