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      I posted a question on the forum a couple weeks ago and it has had a lot of reviews - but not one attempt at an answer. The question concerns Named Anchors. My experience with Named Anchors is only from Dreameaver. They are simple in Dreamweaver but I can't figure it out in Flash.


      I have a site that I built in Flash and it is several pages that are just built on individual frames of a timeline. Each frame has a stop so it's not like a Flash movie per se. Anyway, say you are on frame one. There is a button to click that will take you to frame 2, or 3, or 12 or whatever. But if while on frame 2 there is something the user needs to see on Frame 3 and that instance is at the bottom of the scene, when they click the button of frame 2 to go to the instance on Frame 3, I want that instance to display at the top of the users screen - just as it would if my pages were built in Dreamweaver,.


      Am I attempting to do something that's just impossible with Flash?


      To see what I am attempting, if you have the time, go to http://www.geraldis.com


      On the Home Page, the customer has requested the navigation bar to be placed toward the bottom of the page like I have done. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Home Page. If you click on the Menu button, I would like the user to end up at the top of the Menu instead of the browser staying at the bottom of the page when it goes to the Menu frame. My thinking is that a named anchor for the Menu (like it's done in Dreamweaver, would cause the browser to be at the top of the named anchor when the button is clicked - or at least at the top of the next frame instead of staying at the bottom of the page.


      Any help or insight you can give would be greatly appreciated.