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    Water Marker Issue(urgent)





      I am using flex builder3.



      I am getting watermarker in my chart. I tried to modify the license tag in flex-config.xml,but it says ERROR: UNKNOWN Environmental variable 'licenses.





      Can anybody help me to get rid of this watermarkers.





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          Are you using the Eclipse plugin or the standalone?


          I'm new to Flex myself and just using the trial until my order goes through (yay company purchasing process), but I'm willing to bet you shouldn't be trying to modify the license XML directly. I am using the plugin and under the Help menu in Eclipse there is a "Manage Flex Licenses" item, which will allow you to input your license. That should get rid of the watermark, I think.

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            Do you have Flex Builder 3 Pro? The standard version does not come with charts, at least not charts without the watermarks.


            If you have just purchased FB 3 Pro after using the trial version, you might need to save all your projects, uninstall and then reinstall FB 3 Pro.


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