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    Packaging Linux AIR app as a native package (.deb)?


      Ok, so I've been tasked with packaging an AIR app in a system package. We got a redistrubution license for AIR so I think we are good in that respect but I run into an unfortunate predicament when trying to do a silent install from a deb:


      Both AIR runtime and AIR applicaiton generate a native package (.deb in this case) during install. So even though I can run silent install from my own deb, it fails to install as it cannot install a deb during installation of a deb. I am assuming that even if I could somehow grab the generated deb file, it would be against the license agreement to do so.


      So, any thoughts as to how to get this accomplished? Is there an alternative distribution of an app that comes as a native ".deb" file? Or is there a command line option that disables a native package management install? ( I can seem to find no information on any command line options for the bin installer)