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    Catalyst making an Image rotater(Swapper)


      Hello there.  I'm starting to get into the functionalities of Flash Catalyst and making a mock website using it.  Being a graphic Designer I don't know much about Flash code and what not; so this seem the perfect program for me to expand my capabilities.  Onto my question.


      I'm doing this mock up website where in the lower right corner I have a series of images that need to swap based on a timelapse.  I've seen somewhere before while messing around the ability to check a box that denotates a 'repeat'.  Problem is, that in making the different states (The images that are to swap in and out) I see no way to create a pause in the amount of time an image stays up.


      Meaning that as soon as one animation completes the next begins.


      Also, I cannot seem to find that little repeater button any longer.


      How I'm doing this:


      • I turn the images into their own custom components
      • I then select both, and create a master custom component
      • I go to state 1, and begin adding additional states
      • I create the animation inbetween the states
      • And then I get lost



      So what do you say Adobe/Fellow Designers?  Any help?