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    Possible bug,problem


      I started work with a psd pano to remove some dust, started out fine then about two minutes into the work the target started freezing. stopped what I was doing and converted the file to a dng. started work again and the target started freezing up again. I looked at the performace and CPU is at 90%when the tartget freezes. PF is 1.4g and ram in use is apprx 2.3g. I only have one file open and selected. and also the loading plash comes up prio to moving the target and after having used to heal/fix dust problem.


      I opened a smaller image and I didn't have the same problem. Granted I normally will resolve dust problems prior to creating a pano in PS CS4 but didnt this time. It also appear when I have a 450+ series of image files open that ram usage and PF CC is fairly high and slows down when making adjustments, also applying presets to a series of files, syncing adjustments.


      I have use LR for the last 8 months and 2.5 is ok but hopefully this will work better.