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    CS3 and Windows 7 - Unable to import .WAV files

    MoonKlash Level 1

      Hi there,


      I don't know if anyone has come across this problem before but I recently installed Windows 7 x64 (clean install) and then installed Production Studio CS3. When trying to import any WAV file into premiere (including old wav files I know work and new ones made within Smartsounds Quicktracks I'm given the following error:


      File Import Failure

      Unsupported Format or Damaged File


      I know I'm going to be told that Windows 7 and 64 bit software is unsupported, however being a home user, not a business, I can't afford to upgrade CS3 to CS4. Does anyone know of a work around to this problem? I'd have though .wav files shouldn't have any issue at all!


      Thanks in advance,