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    Dose catalyst need flash to work ?


      I just downloaded flash catalyst beta 2 and my HUD as less options then i see on the video tutorials

      This is my HUD

      And this one in video pic not to good quality but can see more options


      Why dosn't my HUD have them options to? do i need flash ??

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          It looks like the tutorial you are following has screen shots of Flash Catalyst beta I. Numerous new features and UI changes were introduced in beta II, so if you are following a beta I tutorial you will have to look around a bit to find functionality that has moved.


          One big change from beta I to beta II was the UI for interactions was moved out of the HUD and into the Interactions panel (just below the layers panel). In beta I, you would select a button and click the "+" to add an interaction to it. In beta II, you select the button and click "Add Interaction" in the Interactions panel.


          This change made the HUD less heavy weight and it really made building interactions cleaner and faster.


          For a video tutorial of beta II check out



          Other tutorials are available here



          Unfortunately, tutorials online aren't always clear about stating what beta version of Catalyst they were created with. Looking at the screens shots of the HUD is one good way to tell the difference between beta I and beta II


          Best of luck!



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            luke42-12 Level 1

            aah OK thanks a lot i found it good one