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    Drag and drop for AIR applications problem




      This is a nice working piece of code to test dragging and dropping. To my surprise only for flex mx:Application but not for AIR applications.

      Can you advice me if is there a nice way to be able to use it in AIR or I have to use another idea using flash.desktop.NativeDragManager that will need to reorganize the whole code?


      Waiting for your advice. Thank you in advance.





      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" width="780"


          <mx:Canvas id="invisible_holder" width="100%" height="100%" backgroundColor="#ff0000" backgroundAlpha="0"  />
          <mx:Canvas id="BlueCanvas" x="97" y="263" width="300" height="300" backgroundColor="blue" backgroundAlpha="0.1">
              <mx:Canvas id="RedCanvas"     x="26" y="38" width="200" height="200"  mouseDown="childMouseDown(event)"
                   <mx:Label id="dd" text="labe lll">
                  import mx.core.DragSource;
                  import mx.core.UIComponent;
                  import mx.events.DragEvent;

                  import mx.managers.DragManager;        


                  //Variables used to hold the image's location
                  public var xOff:Number;
                  public var yOff:Number;
                  public var xThisBefore:Number;
                  public var yThisBefore:Number;
                  public var xThisAfter:Number;
                  public var yThisAfter:Number;                 
                  //Create the event listeners for the drag operations.
                  private function creationCompleteHandler():void
                      BlueCanvas.addEventListener(DragEvent.DRAG_ENTER, applicationDragEnter);
                  private function dropEnter(event:DragEvent):void{
                      //RedCanvas.x = this.mouseX -xOff;
                      //RedCanvas.y = this.mouseY - yOff;
                      xThisAfter = this.mouseX;
                      yThisAfter = this.mouseY;
                      RedCanvas.x = xOff + (xThisAfter - xThisBefore);
                      RedCanvas.y = yOff + (yThisAfter - yThisBefore);


                      RedCanvas.addEventListener(DragEvent.DRAG_ENTER, applicationDragEnter);   
                  private function changeZIndex( direction:int ): void {
                      var newIndex:int = BlueCanvas.getChildIndex(RedCanvas) + direction;


                      if( newIndex >= 0 && newIndex < BlueCanvas.numChildren ) {
                      BlueCanvas.setChildIndex(RedCanvas, newIndex );
                  //The application accepts the drag drop.
                  //(except when the user drags the red canvas over the blue canvas)    
                  private function applicationDragEnter(event:DragEvent):void
                      if (event.dragSource.hasFormat("data"))
                          DragManager.acceptDragDrop(event.currentTarget as UIComponent);
                  //Start the drag drop operation
                  private function childMouseDown(event:MouseEvent):void
                      xThisBefore = this.mouseX;
                      yThisBefore = this.mouseY;


                      xOff = RedCanvas.x;
                      yOff = RedCanvas.y;
                      var data:String = "data";
                      var source:DragSource= new DragSource();
                      source.addData(data, "data");
                      DragManager.doDrag(event.currentTarget as UIComponent, source, event);